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Darrell's debut blog entry! Elders.

Time once again for another season of ReVision Quest. Hard to believe this is already our fourth season. I'm so proud that our show, which was only supposed to be a summer replacement series back in 2007, has constantly been renewed and won awards every year we have been on the air. This year we were awarded an especially major prize from the New York Festival: World's Best Radio Programs. The episode on residential schools, entitled "Truth and Reconciliation", won the silver award, chosen from programs around the globe.

And this year we continue to bring you another exciting line up, starting with an episode about Native elders. Since ReVision Quest strives to squash myths about Aboriginal people in Canada, we wanted to explore the stereotype that all elders are wizened holy people that live on an ethereal plane. What we found instead were a number of elders that were quite humble and did not flaunt their elder status as a badge of authority.In fact, many of them had elders of their own that possessed qualities they aspire to.

Interviewing the elders involved a slightly different protocol from the regular interviewees we've had on the show. Whenever we met with an elder, as is custom, we offered them a pouch of ceremonial tobacco in exchange for their stories. Since I have lived in the city for quite a number of years now, it was very empowering for me to be able to sit and absorb the advice and knowledge that these elders so graciously imparted. It definitely came at a time when I was undergoing major changes in my life so their words were incredibly grounding and inspiring for me.

Huge props to producer Mike O'Brien who once again put his unique and well crafted spin on this interesting topic.

Well, I better get back to work now. The offices here at CBC Winnipeg are all a buzz as we busily try to finish up and put the final touches on the remaining ReVision Quest episodes for your listening pleasure. I hope you enjoy the new season and I look forward to sharing my experiences and thoughts on these episodes as the summer progresses! Happy listening!!