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July 6, 7 & 9 Housing: From teepees to trouble

teepee.jpgWhile history books and movies have romanticized Aboriginal homes (think teepees and longhouses), the modern day reality is overcrowding and substandard living conditions. How did our home and native land turn into a place where we're struggling to secure one of the most basic human needs: shelter?
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This week we head to Peguis First Nation where 900 of the 920 homes on the reserve are suffering from mould. We'll hear from a mother and son who were asked to create a display for the Art Gallery of Ontario on housing. Find out why they decided to put one of their own houses on display. Mike Holmes throws his star power behind the on reserve housing crisis. Plus, how one woman became the owner of her rez home and why she thinks home ownership is the future of housing on reserves.