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Dragons' Den and Shell partner to deliver Future Now!

Dragons' Den, in partnership with Shell has built a Future Now Carbon Footprint Quiz for small businesses!


DD_FN_HP.jpgAimed at Dragons' Den entrepreneurs, in five easy steps you can see how your business' carbon footprint stacks up against other small businesses in Canada; plus every step of the way there are handy, shareable action tips on how to improve your energy use.

The best part is you can always come back and re-take the quiz to see how your results can change by implementing some of the action tips!

Our Small Business Carbon Footprint Quiz is part of the Future Now Innovation Hub which features a collection of innovation information, polls, original infographics, Future Now audition videos and social feed.

In anticipation for the Dragons' Den Future Now Energy Innovation special airing June 3rd, 2012 on CBC-TV, check out the Dragons' Den and Shell Future Now Innovation Hub today!


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