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Digging Up the Dirt on Canada's Hotels, CBC's Marketplace Reveals the Shocking Truth in a New Two-Part Investigation

The Dirt on Hotels, airs on CBC News' MARKETPLACE
Friday, Nov. 9 and Friday, Nov. 16 at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) on CBC-TV

MARKETPLACE delivers the dirt on Canada's hotels, revealing what's really between the sheets and beyond the eye in seemingly clean rooms, with a shocking two-part investigation, The Dirt on Hotels. In the most comprehensive study of its kind in Canada, MARKETPLACE checks-in to 54 rooms in six chains across the country to check out how clean our hotels really are. From economy to high-end chains, host Erica Johnson exposes bedroom surprises and worrisome test results that reveal an industry-wide problem.

The Dirt on Hotels airs Friday, Nov. 9 and Friday, Nov. 16 at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) on CBC-TV.

From Montreal to Toronto to Vancouver, Erica Johnson, University of Guelph microbiologist Keith Warriner and the MARKETPLACE team put rooms to the test, revealing the shocking surprises fuelling this industry-wide issue. Whether it's the bedroom or the bathroom, we'll show you the bodily fluids, bugs and bacteria concealed in your home away from home--and which hotels are contaminated. We also reveal how superficial inspections in this unregulated industry are causing the germs to spread.

Next week, in part two of The Dirt on Hotels, we test how well chains are maintaining their hotels. After revealing just how unsanitary Canadian hotels are, discover what the companies could be doing to clean up their act and protect their guests, and what you can do to protect yourself.

Beginning Thursday, Nov. 8, you can go hunting for germs and grime yourself, in our online interactive hotel room. See where germs hide and watch hidden camera footage of not-so-clean cleaning practices on CBCNews.ca.

Winner of the 2011 Gemini Award for Best News Information Series, MARKETPLACE airs Fridays at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) on CBC Television. MARKETPLACE also airs Saturdays at 9:30 p.m. ET and Sundays at 5:30 p.m. ET on CBC News Network. For more information on MARKETPLACE, visit our website at cbc.ca/marketplace, join us on Facebook and follow us on twitter: twitter.com/cbcerica and twitter.com/cbctom. Executive producer is Tassie Notar.


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