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CBC-TV's the fifth estate probest the sorry state of Canada's Maritime search and rescue capabilities

The North Atlantic Ocean is one of the most hostile marine environments in the world. The Atlantic-Canadians who make their living from the fishery, merchant shipping and offshore oil and gas go about their work shadowed by an ever-present danger. So why, then, must they rely on a search and rescue service with one of the slowest response rates in the world?

On Friday, Sept. 30, at 9 p.m. (9:30 NT), on CBC-TV, the fifth estate's Linden MacIntyre presents Mayday, a detailed look at the questionable state of Canada's maritime search and rescue capabilities. Hear the painful memories of those who have survived brushes with death, and the stories of those who perished in the frigid waters, waiting for rescue. There are stunning new details about the tragedy of the Melina and Keith II, on which four men perished in 2005.

We'll meet the man who grounded Canada's new fleet of Cormorant search and rescue choppers after finding major cracks in a key part of the tail rotor system--and now says he paid for his diligence with his job.

Once widely admired, now plagued with problems, our maritime rescue fleet now boasts one of the slowest emergency response times in the world, and MacIntyre asks why the Department of National Defence believes three helicopters are sufficient to cover the search and rescue needs of an area the size of Europe, and why required response times can stretch up to two hours.

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