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Canada's consumer watchdog returns in 2012/13 Friday nights at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) on CBC Television

Following a blockbuster year MARKETPLACE returns for its 40th season on CBC Television in 2012/13 and expands its season to a full year, from 12 episodes to 24.

"The doubling of episodes of one of our legendary current affairs shows demonstrates CBC's commitment to providing Canadians with strong editorial content they can relate to and produced with their concerns and their interests in mind," said Christine Wilson, Executive Director, Content Planning for CBC English Services.

Co-hosts Tom Harrington (@cbctom) and Erica Johnson (@cbcerica) return with hard-hitting investigative reporting that puts companies under the microscope.

"Canadians have a strong connection to MARKETPLACE because the program advocates on their behalf," said Jennifer McGuire, general manager and editor-in-chief of CBC News. "They depend on the program's ability to demand answers. This is the kind of programming only CBC News can deliver, and CBC primetime is the perfect place to showcase it."

MARKETPLACE won the 2011 Gemini Award for Best News Information Series.

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