Episode 4x13 What Doesn’t Kill You

With Tinny abducted at gunpoint by Maurice Becker, Jake and Crocker have no choice but to work together to get her back. While being held captive, Tinny attempts to get into Becker's head. Guest stars: Gordon Pinsent, Paul Gross, Joel...

Episode 4x12 Return of the Kingpin

The city is thrown into chaos when a prison break floods the streets with escaped cons. Airs back to back with episode 13: What doesn't kill you.

Episode 4x11 The Devil Inside

When a crazed bomber takes over the police station, it's up to Jake to try and diffuse the situation from the inside before the hostage crisis can turn fatal; Trapped outside, Leslie leads the RNC command post with Jake's life hanging in the balance.

Episode 4x10 Gimme Shelter

An old friend of Mal's gets into trouble with some dangerous people, and it's up to Mal and Rose to keep him safe and find out what kind of business he's really into; After going over the hood of a...

Episode 4x09 Retribution

When Jake is kidnapped and nearly burned alive, he escapes and teams up with Mal to track down his would-be killers and make sense of the whispers that a mysterious "boss" is behind the plot.

Episode 4x08 Multitasking

Jake finds himself juggling multiple cases while looking into attempts made on the life of his ex-girlfriend; Tinny's relationship with her Uncle Jake is becoming strained due to her budding relationship with her father.

Episode 4x07 In Brigus

Jake rushes to Leslie's side when the death of her father takes them to her hometown of Brigus, where a time of mourning turns into a full-fledged Doyle-style investigation when the death is ruled suspicious; Crocker formulates a plot to...

Episode 4x06 The Common Wealth

The Doyles are hot on the trail of an international art thief as they try to help a federal cop buddy bring her to justice before she can elude him once again.

Episode 4x05 The Heroine

When Hood loses contact with Leslie while she's undercover, it's up to Jake to try and find her.

Episode 4x04 Carlotta’s Way

After a ransom drop goes bad, Jake and Mal fight against the clock and an unpredictable man to find the location of a kidnapped girl.

Episode 4x03 Identity Crisis

Jake and Mal are hired by a man to find his wife, who he claims is alive and well despite being reported dead for years; Tinny takes her investigation into Crocker a step further; Leslie embraces Jake as a confidante.

Episode 4x02 Blood Work

Jake and Mal are given no choice but to help an escaped convict prove his innocence, and they get a glimpse of the drug trade in the city in the bargain; Tinnyís curiosity about her father grows; Jake finds out why Leslieís been off the radar.

Episode 4x01 From Dublin With Love

The extended Doyle family shows up on the doorstep unannounced and in huge trouble, leaving Jake and Mal to tangle with some formidable gangsters from across the pond; Leslie Bennett is mysteriously absent from work; Jake receives an unexpected gift.

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