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Thank you!

We would like to thank everyone who's contributed to ReCivilization, joined the conversation, and elevated to the fore a very important discussion about the future of our world.

ReCivilization will air again this summer on the program Ideas, so if you missed us on the radio this time around, please check back for exact air dates! In the meantime, you can also listen to the shows online or download the podcasts.

There are some people we need to thank specifically, because this program would never have had a platform without their help.

Inside the CBC, that means the people of CBC Radio's Ideas: especially Dave Field, Lynda Shorten and Bernie Lucht.

Outside the CBC, Don's assistant Jody Stevens, who sent a lot of e-mail and adjusted a lot of schedules, deserves a big hand.

And then there are the guests: Tim Berners-Lee, Eric Schmidt, Tom Kalil, Sue Gardner, Mitchell Baker, Hannah Jones and Reid Hoffman and all the other people we interviewed are very busy people with very important jobs. They happily gave their time to us because they believe in the ideas we are trying to promote. So a huge thanks to everyone who collaborated with us on the air.

Lastly, and most important, are the people who collaborated in the broader way: the listeners, tweeters, e-mailers, and people who contributed with their comments, ideas, criticisms and thoughts. This was a collaborative project through and through, and we were thrilled to start and engage in a very important conversation.

We'll continue this on the web!

Thanks again,

Don, Anthony and Adam