Q: How many episodes are there?

There are a total of five episodes with a finalist in each, and one episode that is the season finale. The finale episode will reveal the grand prize winner of Recipe to Riches.

Q: How does the show work?

Each week three competitors have their recipes judged. The finalist in the episode will compete against all other episode finalists.

Each week is a new food category and the episode competitors all have recipes that belong to that food category.

In other words, after five episodes, the five finalists will have been selected by the judges. These five finalists will each have a recipe from a different food category. Only one of them will win the Recipe to Riches grand prize and their product will be sold in stores across Canada.

Q: When do episodes air?

Episodes are on CBC television at 9PM Wednesdays starting February 26, 2014. The finale is April 2, 2014.

How does voting work?

1. Each week, you can answer trivia questions to earn votes, and the only way to know the answers is to watch the show. Each time you answer a trivia question correctly, you earn a vote. There are two trivia questions per week. But you have to watch the show to find find out the answers.

2. Your votes will accumulate in your account until the voting opens on March 26.

3. Cast your votes: starting after the show on March 26 at 8pm ET, you can cast your votes. You can cast them all for one competitor or divide them among the finalists. You choose how you want to vote!

4. Voting closes at 11:59pm ET on March 30, 2014.

5. Watch the finale episode on April 2, 9PM to find out who received the most votes - and who wins the Recipe to Riches $250,000 grand prize!

Q: What’s the maximum number of votes I can earn?

There are two trivia questions per episode and you will receive one vote per correct answer. This means that you can earn two votes per week. There is an additional five (5) votes in everyone’s account who registers. The extra five votes are there to help level out the playing field throughout the show’s broadcast.

Q: When are trivia questions posted?

Each week’s new trivia is posted on show day Wednesdays. The trivia questions will be on the website for you to answer until the following week’s questions are posted the following Wednesday.

Q: Can I go back and answer the missed weeks’ trivia questions?

No. You have one week to answer the trivia for that week’s episode. You can watch the full episode on the Recipe to Riches website here: http://www.cbc.ca/recipetoriches/episodes/

Q: How will I find out the answer to the trivia questions?

The answers to the trivia questions will be revealed as you watch the show.

Q: Do I have to answer trivia questions?

No, you don’t have to answer the trivia questions but they are the way to earn votes. If you don’t answer the trivia and simply login, you will have five (5) votes which you can cast when casting opens.

Q: When can I cast my votes?

Cast your votes when the voting time opens on March 26 at 8pm ET. Voting closes on March 30, 2014 at 11:59pm ET.

Q: Can I split my votes between multiple finalists?

Yes. You can choose to cast your votes however you like: either all to one finalist or split up between finalists.

Q: When do I find out who wins Recipe to Riches?

The winner will be announced Wednesday April 2, 2014, during the finale episode which broadcasts at 9pm.

Q: Why do I have five extra votes in my account?

Everyone who logs in will have five (5) votes.

Q: How do I login?

Login is with Facebook. The Facebook Login button is located beneath the trivia question box on the voting page: http://www.cbc.ca/recipetoriches/voting/.

Q: Can I login and participate in trivia and voting without Facebook?

No. The only way to participate in trivia and casting your votes is through the Facebook login. If you don’t have a Facebook account you can create one on Facebook.com.

Q: Help - I can’t log in.

Try refreshing the page, or try another browser. If you’re on a mobile device, try it on a desktop.

Q: I have a great recipe. How do I get it on the show?

Keep up to date with all the news and events for Recipe to Riches via our website, www.cbc.ca/recipetoriches, Facebook page, www.Facebook.com/RecipetoRiches and Twitter page, www.Twitter.com/RecipetoRiches.

Q: Who was eligible to apply?

The competition was open to legal residents of Canada over the age of majority in their province of residence as of the open call date. Applicants could not have a criminal record and could not be employees of, or have an immediate family member who was an employee of, the producer, the broadcaster, Temple Street Productions, Shaw, Loblaws or their affiliated companies.

Q: Did professional chefs or food professional qualify?

No, Recipe to Riches is an amateur chef competition. If someone is, or has been, a professional chef, caterer, food stylist or other individual involved in the professional preparation of food or recipes they would not qualify for this competition.

Q: Were culinary students not yet working in the food industry eligible?

Yes as long as they were not being paid for working in a food related industry.

Q: Who will judge the competition?

A panel of respected professionals working in food, food production and marketing will judge. 

The judges are Gail Simmons, Vikram Vij, and Arlene Dickinson.

Q: How did the judges make their selection?

The judges' decisions will be based on: taste, originality, the story behind the recipe, the suitability of the recipe to become a mass produced grocery store product and a marketing challenge that each semi-finalist undertakes.

Q: How many recipes/categories could a person enter?

All applicants could submit one recipe only.

Q: Did recipes take into consideration allergies?

No, the recipes that were sampled by the judges did not have to be nut free, but production required that all ingredients were listed in the recipe submission.

Q: If a recipe was ‘used’ could it still be submitted.

Yes, as long as the recipe was being used on a local basis (such as in a local restaurant, catering or bakery shop) it would still have been eligible. The recipe could not have been professionally published (eg. In major cookbooks or magazines), commercially exploited (other than as above) or submitted for competition in any other television competition or national contest, or for a professional award.

Q: Were any provinces excluded?

No. The Recipe to Riches competition was open to legal residents of Canada over the age of majority in their province of residence as of the open call date. The producers and judges looked at hundreds of submissions and held tasting auditions in 4 cities. Many participants from cities and provinces outside the 4 cities where tasting auditions were held traveled to the audition tastings to be considered.

Q: Are the recipes and finalists representative of various Regions?

The Recipe to Riches competition was open to all Canadian residents of legal age and out of hundreds of submissions they selected the best recipes from across the country. For bio information including the city and region where the finalists are from please consult the website at: www.cbc.ca/recipetoriches