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Jeannette's Tips for Wine and Cheese

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Need some help while entertaining as we approach holiday party season? Our wine columnist Jeannette Montgomery offers these tips for wine and cheese parties:

Find a good resource - like the Dairy Farmers of Canada. Or, search online: a few wine magazine websites have written great articles suggestions for general pairing (I like a writer out of New Hampshire, Meg Maker).
Most of the cheeses in our regular grocery stores are younger cheeses - unless you find the 4+ year aged Balderson.

Stick to the basics:
-Soft, young cheeses like soft, young fruit-driven wines (crisp unoaked white wines, some reds like Gamay or Zweigelt, rosé, sparkling)
-Medium hard and medium aged cheeses (Havarti, Edam) like medium-bodied wines (many of our chardonnays fit here, Riesling, and not so oaked reds - our pinot noirs)
-Aged cheeses and "stinky" cheeses like older, more mature wines with structure (aromatic white wines like Viognier, aged reds, Riesling, bigger Bordeaux-style red blends, fortified sweeter port-style wines)
-Offer one red wine and one white wine, or a rosé - bubbly always safe
-Don't overdo the offer - stick to three or four cheeses
-Give us a sign - cut a cork in half and write "red" or "white" on it