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Your Corn Ideas

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Listener photos, starting top left: Corn star from Flying Hands Farm outside Smithers, Joshua Barnett's 16-month old, Helen Samson's granddaughter Ronia, cooler corn by Sue Matheson.

Thank you for all your submissions on the best way to eat corn! They range from cooking styles, to toppings, to eating environments. Here they are:

Wrapped in bacon and bbq'd. Then spread spicy aioli on it. Coronary corn.
-Philip Riegert

Hosting an annual corn roast featuring local corn for all our friends, family and neighbours - 14 years for us. Good fun.
-Louise Wallace

Bbq'ed in the husks with butter & chili flakes!
-Sylvia Vandekerkhove

I always boil my corn with sugar in the water. It softens the corn and brings out all the beautiful flavours.
-Cody Isted

I love corn on the cob, but I really enjoy it off the cob in the winter (after being fresh-frozen now!), mixed with a few black beans, some cilantro, fresh lime juice, chopped tomato and a little red onion seasoned with black pepper and garlic. Tastes like summer!
-Leslie Bogula

Grilled on the cob with cayenne, Parmesan, butter, and lime juice.
-Kelly McKenzie

I love it lightly boiled on the cob, some butter or olive oil with hot sauce, two forks ( if too hot) and as messy as necessary. Or if too many in the garden, kernelled and frozen for winter use in soups, stews and CORN BREAD. Oh yes!!!!!!!
-Shirley Kimery

Soaked in water (don't peel), wrap in foil, put on the BBQ or campfire. Delicious, taste doesn't get boiled away.
-Kathi Lapine-Chalode Dickie

Popped in a bowl! Yum!
-Chad Boucher

Corn freezes extremely well, I put frozen corn in all sorts of things. My favourites are probably spicy and tomatoey and thick chili, just isn't the same without lots of corn and is so tasty in the winter! I also love it baked with sliced brussels sprouts, with some herbs, butter, and a pinch of salt and a pinch of sugar. May not sound like much but the sweetness of the corn balances perfectly with the stronger tasting brussels sprouts. I've converted many people to brussels sprouts with that recipe. Yum!
-Katie McLean

In salsa or on the BBQ.
-Heather Hamlin Gravells

My favourite way to eat corn is to steam it only as long as it takes finely mince fresh garlic and mix it with a nice oil such as olive or sunflower, add some herb salt and stir.  By then the corn is done.  Pour the mixture over the corn and EAT.  YUM !!!
-Wondo Jansen

My boyfriend & I eat our corn by slicing it into medallions, then boiling it, then tossing it in butter with dill & green onions. Yummy.

Cooler corn is an easy way so serve corn to a large crowd. Husk the corn and put into a clean plastic picnic cooler that has a tap on the end. Cover the corn with boiling water.  Let sit for an hour, can sit for an hour and a half without getting water logged. Drain the water with the tap.  Then enjoy, butter, salt, pepper whatever your pleasure.
-Colleen Rempel

And another cooler recipe (see photo above):
Great idea for a group get-together, especially in the summer when you don't want to heat up the kitchen. In a clean cooler, fill with shucked ears of corn. Pour two kettles-full of boiling water over them and close the lid.  30 minutes later open it for perfectly cooked corn.
And then butter and favourite herbs!
-Sue Matheson

Watch the video on YouTube! Easiest way to clean corn with no silk. Don't forget to use oven gloves.
As for recipes: fresh lime juice and a bit of salt [this is the low fat version, if you don't care use butter too!].  There is a biochemical/nutritional reason for doing it this way, the lime juice helps release the niacin [which it has lots of] from the corn. Ever wonder why Mexicans who eat a lot of corn tortillas also use lots of lime?
-Nick Konopada

And, a shout out to all of our simple corn loving listeners, who suggested some combination of boiling or steaming, using salt or pepper or lime juice, eating raw, and of course...using tons of BUTTER: Philip, Tanis, Cameron, Joshua, Jeannette, Patti, Toni, Lindsay, Greer, Helen, Maureen, Anne, and Magdalena.

Listen to our interview with a corn farmer here.