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Radio West Playlist for January 9 to 13

Monday, January 9

Song: Everything to Me
Album: Love Letters
Artist: Jessie Farrell


Song: Something Stupid
Album: Shirts vs Skins
Artist: Graham Wright


Song: Picture
Album: Little Skeletons
Artist: The Lost Lovers Brigade


Tuesday, January 10

Song: Hope for Now
Album: Little Hell
Artist: City and Colour


Song: Fire it Up
Album: single- no new album yet
Artist: Johnny Reid 
(playing Kamloops, Kelowna, Prince George, Dawson Creek, and Cranbrook in April)


Song: Bad Ritual
Album: Creep On Creepin' On
Artist: Timber Timbre


Song: Littlest Birds
Album: Blue Horse
Artist: Be Good Tanyas


Song: You Don't Have to Be
Album: Castlemusic
Artist: Jennifer Castle


Wednesday, January 11

Song: Them Kids
Album: Love at the End of  the World
Artist: Sam Roberts
(Rebecca interviewed Sam Robert last year. Listen again here.)


Song: Easy Come Easy Go
Album: New Wild Everywhere (coming out in April)
Artist: Great Lake Swimmers


Song: Opportunity
Album: single - no new album yet
Artist: Brasstronaut


Song: La La La
Album: Songs for Searchers
Artist: Andrew James O'Brien


Song: Just Cuz
Album: It Began/Ended with Sparks
Artist: Prairie Cat


Thursday, January 12

Song: Getcha Good
Album: Honeymoon Punch
Artist: Jenn Grant


Song: Drive
Album: not on an album
Artist: Hannah Georgas


Song: The Year Things Fell Apart
Album: Increase the Sweetness
Artist: The Golden Seals


Song: Woody
Album: Elk-Lake Serenade
Artist: Hayden


Friday, January 13

Song: Caught Me Thinkin'
Album: Barchords (coming out in February)
Artist: Bahamas


Song: Borrowed Time
Album: Borrowed Time (coming out in February)
Artist: Sunshine Drive


Song: Darkness
Album: Old Ideas (coming out late January)
Artist: Leonard Cohen


Song: Brand New Life
Album: unknown
Artist: Russell Jackson