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Mugshots: Charmaine De Silva


Things you may already know about Charmaine:
-She's the afternoon News Reader & Editor for CBC Radio One right across BC.
-She worked in private radio for six years before moving to the CBC in 2012, and started her career as a radio reporter in Kelowna for a news/talk station.

Things you may not know about Charmaine:
-She was born in Sri Lanka and immigrated to Canada when she was 6, but she has also lived in the the US, UK and Singapore.
-She went to elementary and high schools with uniforms (Catholic school), so to this day she refuses to wear the colour maroon.
-She is addicted to fine cheese. She takes it so seriously that her 9-year-old can tell the difference between Gorgonzola and Blue Stilton.

Demonstrate your knowledge of Charmaine trivia by 6:00 PM Pacific/7:00 PM Mountain today (Wednesday, May 1) for your chance to win a Radio West mug.

Just email the answer to the following question:
What is she addicted to?

We'll draw three names from all correct answers, and announce them on the show tomorrow.