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Your weather haikus

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Shining orb in sky, oh my god what is that thing? Oww white skin sizzles.
by @KristenePerron

Worms on wet sidewalks
Rhubarb pushing through the dirt
Robins chirp chirping
By Skay Joseph

Postman in short pants/ You'd think sure sign of spring/ But still tulips wait.
By @deryncollier

In late October/It started to snow. Won't quit./Yeah, I hate winter 
By @cenobyte

Winter hovers near
the warm coverlet of Spring
draped over the land.

Sun burns beauty
on the world each morning.
Winter shies away.

Both by @littlestrawsue

Cool winter fingers / grip mornings and mountaintops / but today, sun shines.
By @okanaganwriting

Bleak sky finally shot with blue/ Be gone weary winter/ Save one last glorious turn on corn snow
By @jenniferellis

Springtime in Prince George/wishing for warmer weather/so all the snow melts
By Tina Burridge

Gaze out my window / Snow peeled back to reveal a / Yard full of dog doo.
By Alanna Hodgins

Bright sun, icy air
Trusting eyes deceived
I need a thermometer.
By Suzan Wood-Young

Herald the rejoicing spirit of spring
See the emerald crocus and grass shoots
let your soul breathe new life.
By Sheila Bork

White forest blanket
Feathers of new fallen snow
Temper sleepy bears
By Dak Giles

We talk about it
We never do anything. So
Shut up and just live!
By Rick Kwitkoski

Flora and fauna Awaken to the sun's call Rise and shine dear friends.
By Gnarley Marley

Hint of green kissed hills
Pussy willows brave the frost
Spring keeps its promise.
By Tammy McLean