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Beer pairing for the holidays


Master Cicerone Mirella Amato joined Rebecca with some tips for holiday beer pairing. Listen below, or read her notes:

For rich, winter foods try a dark lager.
If you're eating turkey or ham, then the maltiness of dark beers will cut the richness of the turkey.
Bock beers are also really tasty with rich foods - they are crisp and the carbonation cuts through and finishes the foods.
For a purely vegetarian meal, try the spicy complexity of a dark wheat beer: a dunkelweizen.

For sweets like cookies and gingerbreads, look for a beer that is sweet or sweeter than the baking- something like a Belgian strong ale (golden or dark), an authentic Trappist Belgian ale, or a locally brewed Belgian-inspired ale.

For richer desserts
like cheesecake or chocolate mousse, look for a high alcohol Barley wine or
an Imperial Stout.

If you're going for straight chocolate, try a bottle of stout.

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