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episodes: November 2013 Archives

Friday November 29, 2013


- Concern over the treatment of the mentally ill in our justice system.

- NHL Class Action suit.

- Noon line - Christmas trees.

- L. Parsons and Sons, the only store in Southern Harbour, is closing.



Trivia Master Steve O'Brien is our guest.

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Thursday November 28, 2013


  • A former PC Cabinet minister says it might be time for the PC's to look at their future, in the wake of Tueday's bye-election loss.
  • Corner Brook Storm Update.
  • Basilica Choir. A performance with a difference.

Crosstalk: Host John Furlong interviewed a Transgendered female to male on Radio Noon recently. We got a lot of feedback so we're bringing together some people from the transgendered community to speak with you on Crosstalk.

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Wednesday November 27, 2013


  • We speak to the pastor of the Windsor Pentecostal Church in Grand-Falls Windsor about how the recent death of two locals in Alberta has impacted the community.
  • Lorraine Michael on the NDP loss in Carbonear-Harbour Grace bye-election.
  • Noon Lines and more.

Crosstalk: There've been a lot of armed robberies in the St. John's Metro area lately. Making it worse is an increase in the use of guns. Is this just a fact of life we need to accept or is there something we can do about it? Bob Johnston is the Chief of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary. He's agreed to speak with you about this important issue.

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