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Wednesday October 2

12:00- 12:30:

- Jerome Kennedy, a senior member of Kathy Dunderdale's Cabinet quits at a time when her popularity polls are the lowest in the country...but says there is no link.

A Memorial University study that we talked about last week shows a link between obesity and food addiction.....we'll talk to a member of a 12-step group that says..what else is new?

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On our Crosstalk:  It's great to have such a booming economy, but sometimes there's a downside. Ask anyone trying to get home renovations done. It can be hard to find contractors both above board and even under the table.

Our Guests, Victoria Belbin, the CEO of the Canadian Homebuilders association of Newfoundland and Labrador, and Darren O'Keefe, President of the Canadian Homebuilders association.