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Monday September 30

Polling numbers for Premier Dunderdale's popularity go from bad to worse. She has the lowest approval rating of any Premier in the country and it's getting worse. Shachi Kurl is Vice President of Angus Reid Global. We reached her in Vancouver

Assisted suicide: St. John's palliative care specialist Dr. Bill Eaton adds to the national debate, because it's a topic he says he knows very well.

Two Labrador hunters have a close encounter with a polar bear. Gerald Mitchell and Tom Smith have quite a tale to tell.

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Archbishop Martin Currie.jpgToday on Radio Noon Crosstalk: The Catholic Church seems to be softening its normally rigid stand on controversial areas. It says it's time to stop being obsessed about homosexuality, abortion and contraception. How is that being received. I"m John Furlong.
On Radio Noon Crosstalk, Archbishop Martin Currie will be my guest in the studio to take your calls.

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