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Air Canada Nightmare. A trip of a lifetime became a trip from Hell. Michelle Ramos says it's all thanks to Air Canada. Michele lives in West Covina, California, about an hour outside of Los Angelese. Chet (Chester) Hickman, Granddaughter (Michelle's Daughter) Jaleesa Ramos, Chet's son Gary Hickman, and His daughter, Michelle Hickman-Ramos.jpeg

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untitled.jpgFire Commissioner Derek Simmons clears the air for us on smoke detectors.

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CROSSTALK: It's a Friday Soapbox. What have you got to say? images.jpgMunicipal elections will be held right across the province in less than three weeks...Radio Noon wants to give candidates a chance to make your stump speech. Get on your soapbox and tell voters in your area why they should vote for you. Where ever you're running, whatever your pitch, share it with us Radio Noon Crosstalk this Friday. The perfect place for platforms.

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