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Wednesday July 3, 2013

Cathy Bennett seeks Liberal leadership
Powerful businesswoman Cathy Bennett is in the running to become the next leader of the provincial Liberals. CBC Provincial Affairs reporter David Cochrane was there for her official announcement.

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Eastport Highway revisited
On Tuesday you heard Salvage resident Edythe Goodridge talking about the rough road to the Eastport Peninsula. The worst section of Route 310 goes through Terra Nova National Park, making it a federal responsibility. Bill Brake is superintendent of the park.

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Crosstalk: Tipping
We tackle a rather delicate issue on this phone-in: Do you have a tough time figuring out when to tip? And how much to tip? Coffee barista Pete Lofstedt is in studio, along with Michelle LeBlanc of Chinched Bistro. But this issue goes beyond cafes: Do you tip the person who cuts your hair? The staff at hotels? Taxi drivers?

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