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Thursday June 27, 2013

Battle Harbour solar energy Battle Harbour was for two centuries the economic and social centre of the southeastern Labrador coast. Fishing premises were first established there in the 1770s and it developed into a thriving community that was known as the Capital of Labrador.  The Battle Harbour Trust Foundation has restored this important community to its past glory - it's fishing premises, it's buildings, it's heritage; all preserved and presented as a bustling tourist attraction in the summer.  Now, a Newfoundland energy company is hoping to take that one step forward. It's  proposing to turn the town's diesel energy into solar energy and win power.  Gerry Skinner is the head of Newfoundland Energies. He joins host John Furlong in studio.

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Crosstalk - Surving cancer

It can be one of most troubling diagnosis to receive. And as quickly as it takes for the doctor to say the word "cancer," your whole life can change.  Our question today: Does surviving cancer, as many  do, make you live your life differently?  Our studio guests are Florence Strang, a Registered Psychologist and Susan Gonzalez. a registered nurse.  Both of them are stage three breast cancer survivors. They are co-authors of the soon to be released book: 100 Perks of Having Cancer Plus, 100 Health Tips for Surviving It.

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