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Tuesday June 25, 2013

Clyde Jackman  Last school year is history... preparations are now underway for the next.  That means the transition committee overseeing the amalgation of the province's four English school boards into one mega-board is kicking into high gear.  The Board takes over September 1st.  But there's some question about what this means in terms of school board elections.  Clyde Jackman is the Minister of Education.  He speaks with host John Furlong.

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From the Archives Last week, we heard a 1978 interview with Memorial University archaeologist James Tuck describing the artifacts his team had discovered which established the presence of a Basque whaling station at Red Bay.  But the search that summer and fall wasn't just onshore -- it was offshore too.  In early September, underwater archaeologists with Parks Canada found the sunken wreck of a wooden ship.  Robert Grenier headed up the team... and as he told host Don Harron of the network show Morningside, initially they weren't quite sure what they'd found.

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