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Thursday June 13, 2013

Tom Hedderson - climate change A study looking at what climate change could mean for this province over the next few decades paints a sobering picture.  The study concludes that every single person in Nfld and Labrador will be affected by climate change.  Tom Hedderson is the environment minister, and the minister responsible for the Office of Climate change, Energy Efficiency and Emissions Trading.  He joins Ramona.

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Crosstalk - Ball hockey brawl On today's Crosstalk phone-in, we're talking about the ugly ball hockey brawl last Saturday.  Our question today on Crosstalk: Would you accept Justin Pender's apology? Joining Ramona in studio: sports columnist Don Power.  He's got an opinion piece on the website for CBC in Nfld and Labrador--cbc.ca/nl With the headline: Justin Pender's actions will live with him forever.

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