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Offshore night flights

li-cougar-night-cnlopb-2012.jpgWorkers on the Hibernia and Terra Nova oil platforms have started petitions against the resumption of night flights.  Even though a report on behalf of oil companies Suncor, Husky Energy and Hibernia recommends those flights continue.  Sheldon Peddle is one of the worker co-chairs of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee on the Hibernia platform.  We reached him on the platform. 

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hi-pit-bull-picnic-6col.jpgCrosstalk - Breed specific legislation On today's crosstalk, We ask if certain breeds of dogs should be banned. In the town of Paradise, there's a petition underway to strike the town's bylaw banning pitbulls.  Our guest on the show is animal trainer Ken Reid, who is also a proud pitbull owner.

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