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Successful fundraising for MUN

MUN took the opportunity of it's recent reunion to announce how it's "Dare To..." fundraising program is progressing. The results are not chump change.  $62.8 million has been promised from the private sector so far, and that exceeds the goal the university had set.  Dr. Christopher Loomis is the vice president in charge of research at Memorial University.  He speaks with host Mack Furlong.
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Cash for 5-Wing - National Defence Minister Peter MacKay was in Labrador this morning to announce millions of dollars for 5-Wing Goose Bay.  About six-million dollars will be spent on repairs and projects to remediate contaminated sites on the 70-year-old airbase.
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Crosstalk - BBQ Todd Perrin was a Top Chef Canada contestant, he runs the kitchen at The Chef's Inn in St. John's - and he'll soon be opening Mallard Cottage in Quidi Vidi. He's also a renowned barbecue fan.  Todd joined Mack in studio to answer all your BBQ related questions.
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