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Heading to The Arctic - The Louis S. St. Laurent

lous s st-laurent.jpgOn Saturday, the Coast Guard's Louis S. St-Laurent leaves St. John's Harbour en route the Arctic.  It will be on a research mission until November.  Partly to carry out scienfitic research in the Arctic.  Marc Rothwell is the commanding officer of the Louis S. St.Laurent.  We've got him on the line from St. John's Harbour.

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                             .1172465030outofthisworldcodfillets.jpgFresh fish - Nancy Brace of The Restaurant Association of NL - Earlier this week on Radio Noon, chef Stewart Wadden raised the issue of how hard it is to find fresh local fish and seafood.  He's based in New York most of the year.  But in the summer, he offers cooking classes in Trouty.  Chef Wadden says it's frustrating that people here can't get more access to the fish that's coming out of the water here.  The Restaurant Association of Nfld and Labrador has been trying to find solutions. Nancy Brace is the executive director, and she speaks with Ramona Dearing.

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Crosstalk - Is running good for you?  Host Ramona Dearing speaks with Occupational therapist and pedorthist Sharon Horan, and Art Meaney, who is about to run Tely Ten race #31.

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