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Workers from away on Fogo Island

For generations, skilled workers have left Nfld and Labrador to look for work elsewhere, but the tables have turned.  On Fogo Island, a fair few skilled workers are coming in from outside the province - including to build the high-end Shorefast Inn.  Anthony Cobb is the Co-founder of entire Shorefast development.  He's also responsible for construction of the Inn on Fogo. John Lawson is contractor and skilled carpenter from Thornton, near Barry, Ontario.

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Terra Nova sinkhole update

On Friday, drivers going through Terra Nova National Park faced slowdowns. A big sinkhole had opened up in the road the night before - and it had to be filled in to get traffic flowing again. Now there's word that a culvert near that sinkhole needed repairs - and that Terra Nova National Park knew about it in advance. Bill Brake is the Field Unit Superintendent for the Nfld East region of Parks Canada. He speaks with host Ramona Dearing.

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Crosstalk - Gardening with Todd Boland

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