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A wreath-laying ceremony goes wrong for Corner Brook Town Councillor.

Priscilla Boutcher joins Ramona on the line from Corner Brook.

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Thumbnail image for NH_Orlova.jpg A Love story aboard the vessel Lyubov Orlova. Its been seen as an eyesore in the St. John's harbour but Erin Scarrow remembers an on-board romance that changed her life. We reached her in Canberra, Australia. (Pictured left Erin Scarrow and Husband with Lyubov Orlova in the background) http://www.jamiescarrow.com/ 

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Crosstalk: We dread cancer, but in many instances it's preventable. That's why we're asking if you've changed your lifestyle to prevent cancer. Ramona's guests are Janice Kennedy from the Canadian Cancer Society and cancer survivor Darrell Yetman, who is with the Prostate Cancer Awareness Network in NL. http://www.cancer.ca/Newfoundland-Labrador.aspx?sc_lang=en 

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