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Crosstalk - Youth Vote

During the 2008 election, voter turn out across the country was the lowest ever, at 59 per cent. And here in Nfld and Labrador, it was even lower, at 48 per cent. In fact, historically, people in Nfld and Labrador have had some of the lowest turnouts in the country. There’s been lots of talk during the campaign about getting the vote out. Today on Crosstalk, we’re asking if Canadians take voting for granted. There is encouraging news: The advance polls—both nationally and provincially—showed much higher turnout than in the last federal election. And there’s hope that social media will encourage young people to get out and vote. Some students are getting involved in vote mobs. Jessica McCormack organized one in St. John’s. She’s in the incoming chair of the Cdn Federation of Students in Nfld and Labrador. And Remzi Cej, who has a keen interest in getting the vote out for a few reasons: One being that he lived in Kosovo during the war, and saw people deprived of their right to vote, and he’s a policy analyst with the provincial government on the issue of youth engagement. And also because he’s long had a long interest in human rights.Do Canadians take voting for granted.

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