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Radio Noon - February 9, 2011

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A 12-year old boy in Kilbride faces a plight. He and his dad are raising some hens, on an acre of land. Thirteen chickens, to be exact. But someone's complained to the city of St. John's. It turns out there's a by-law on the books that each household is only allowed three chickens.  My guest on this issue, Merv Wiseman, the past president of the NL Federation of Agriculture. 
Today we're focussing on fire safety. Do you have questions about how safe your wood stove is, or your space heater? Or whether you've got enough smoke detectors in your house? Or whether you should get a carbon monoxide detector. Or whether it's okay to leave the dryer running when you go to bed. He's Richard Murphy, who is a former fire chief in Conception Bay South. And a past president of the Provincial Association of Fire Services.