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Radio Noon - February 3, 2011

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This week police laid charges in a fatal hit and run in Wabush. The suspect is  29-year old Jeremy Shannon Reid of Wabush. He faces 6 charges including impaired operation of a vehicle cuasing death. The accident happened on the 5th of December. Shane Mercer later died from his injuries, and Leisa Penney is still in hospital. Depsite the tragedy, police have charged 5 people with drinking and driving in Western labrador in January. Ron Barron is the mayor of Wabush and we've reached him for his reaction.
Two insurance companies say they shouldn't have to pay up if a man wins a lawsuit against the Catholic Church. The suit was filed by a man who says he was sexually abused by a priest in Trepassey. Video Journalist Glenn Payette joins me know with more on this.
Many Canadians grew up playing hockey, wearing the skates and equipment made by Bauer.  There's lots on the go with the company these days. Here's our Business Columnist Michael Hlinka is here with the latest.
We're talking about trappers and their families. The men who are such a vital part of Labrador's history. My guest on the show is Chesley Lethbridge, who was born in Paradise 
River, Labrador. And who spent over 20 years trapping full-time, starting at the age of 13.
He loves it when people ask him questions about the things he experienced as a trapper, so don't be shy.