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Radio Noon - January 28, 2011

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Officers with the Royal Nfld Constabulary have expanded their search for Jason Matchem.
 The 26-year old from Corner Brook was last seen at around 11:30 on Saturday night. It's believed he was heading to a cabin west of Corner Brook. Bad weather meant searchers had to stand down yesterday. And it's not helping today either. Constable Robert Edwards speaks for the RNC in Corner Brook.
In Egypt right now, police are clashing with anti-government protestors.  Yesterday, communications with the outside world were disrupted. That means Egyptian nationals can't communicate with family and friends. Assem Hassan is one of those people. He's an assistant professor of engineering at MUN. 
There's a huge greenhouse attached to St. Francis School in Harbour Grace. And now students from all around the area are going to be able to use it to learn more about the environment. That's thanks to efforts by the Lower Trinity South Regional Development Association. Jill Hiscock is coordinating the project for them.
Today on the show, your ideas for the new gallery being developed for The Rooms Provincial Museum in St. John's. The Elinor Ratcliffe gallery of social history will open in two years. And the people at the museum are looking for suggestions on what exhibits to select.
My guests on the program are Anne Chafe, who is the director of The Rooms Museum. And Mark Ferguson, who is the manager of collections and exhibitions.
What's your idea for the Rooms exhibit? You can enter it here: