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Radio Noon - January 26, 2011

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Auditor General John Noseworthy releases his annual report.

The auditor general's report is out, and as usual, he points to several areas where government agencies need to make improvements. Improvements that have to do with how your tax dollars are spent, and with your family's health and safety. We reached John Noseworthy at his office.
Christine Davies has joined me in the studio -- as she does at this time every Tuesday. She brings with her a sound recording from the CBC Radio Archives. Today, we're going to hear more about the delivery of mail -- by bush plane -- to parts of Labrador. It was December, 1957.
Today we're focussing on food banks. The CBC's Turkey Drive resulted in people donating 6800 turkeys in NL. It seems like the demand just keeps growing but the people who originally dreamed up food banks hoped they would only be around as a stop-gap measure. So, we're asking can we make food banks a thing of the past? My guests on the program today, Eg Walters of the Community Food Sharing Association. And anti-poverty activist Bev Brown.