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Radio Noon - January 24, 2011

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We told you some time ago about money missing from the Archdiocese of St. John's. Well, there's new information. First of all, that a very significant sum of money is missing: more than 500-thousand dollars. And second, that church officials have now changed their minds, and are now calling in the police to investigate the actions of their former business manager, Bill Power. Martin Currie is the Archbishop of the Diocese of St. John's.
Should we bring back mandatory annual vehicle inspections? Last week the RCMP pulled over ten light vehicles and found rusted chassis, loose batteries and a pick-up truck with no brakes. In 1994, John Efford made away with mandatory inspections. He says too many people were cheating the system, slipping mechanics a little money to fill out the inspection forms without ever having a look under the hood. Gary Ball is a certified mechanic who owns the Car Fix Garage.