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Radio Noon - January 21, 2011

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Tremors in Natuashish

Many residents of Natuashish didn't sleep well Wednesday night. Houses in town were shaking and creaking. Of course this got many of us wondering what caused the tremors. A seismologist with Natural Resources Canada thinks it might be an ice quake. To get this perspective on this geographer Norm Catto joined Ramona in studio.


Evaluation of Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism Ads

The latest tourism ads for Newfoundland and Labrador started playing on TV this week. And they've caught the eye of a lot of people. You see Bird Rock at Cape St. Mary's, and the Signal Hill walking trail, and lots of rock, water and brightly painted houses. So how does the ad cut it with people in the advertising world. For some analysis, we've reached Bruce Chambers. He's the CBC's ad guy.


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