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Radio Noon - January 19, 2011

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Methadone dispensing program needs improvements

There are problems with the methadone dispensing program. And that's why the provincial government is holding a round table discussion tomorrow with several groups that work with drug addicts. Including Turnings, which is headed by Ron Fitzpatrick.


Concussions in Hockey: is enough being done to prevent them?

NHL superstar Sydney Crosby is still sidelined by a concussion and there's no indication when he'll return to his Pittsburg Penguins. Andrew McKim is a local hockey coach who's got a sense of what Crosby is going through. McKim's professional career ended when he suffered a concussion, just over 10-years ago. He was hit from behind while playing in a European elite league.  

Today on the show, what it's like trying to get around on foot right now. There's snow.
There's ice. And there are lots of people who need to walk because of the Metrobus strike and lots of other people around the province who have no other means of transportation other than their own two feet. Elizabeth Malichewski is one of my guests in studio today.
She's a walker and a cyclist in St. John's. And Jeff Collingwood is a runner.