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Radio Noon - January 17, 2011

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A woman in Gander says her teenager needs to get into a drug addiction treatment centre.
But says there's nothing available in Newfoundland and Labrador for her 18-year old son. She's calling on the provincial government to hurry up and make good on its promise to open a residential treatment centre for young people with addictions. We're withholding her name to protect her son's identity.
It's an unexpected twist as the Metrobus strike lingers on. Metrobus Transit is planning to offer some bus riders a 50 per cent discount on taxi fares. The commission is buying what it says will be a limited number of cab chits that will be offered to customers at half price.
The details still haven't been made public, including how Metrobus users will be able to get the chits. But it's got lots of transit users talking, including Nat Brouse. 
Today, we're talking about baking bread. Are you a bread maker? Do you use a bread machine, or do you knead your dough by hand? We want to hear people's stories about baking bread. And the memories that you associate with the smell of some nice loaves in the oven. My guest today is the musician, chef and baker Phil Goodland. We'd love to hear your best tips when it comes to baking bread.