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Radio Noon - January 13, 2011

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Provincial Cabinet Shuffle

Premier Kathy Dunderdale shuffled her cabinet this morning. There were some significant moves. For more on this, the CBC's Provincial Affairs reporter David Cochrane joins Ramona in studio.


CROSSTALK: Should government be held responsible for crashes with moose on our highways?

Can motorists hold the provincial government responsible for crashes with moose on the highways? St. John's lawyer Ches Crosbie is trying to have a class-action lawsuit certified. He claims the government has shown neglect when it comes to controlling the moose population. And, that motorists are getting maimed and killed in accidents as a result so the government should be responsible for paying compensation. Eugene Nippard of the Save Our People Action Committee is our guest today. That's the group that's been lobbying to get the provincial government to make the roads safer for drivers and passengers.