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Radio Noon - January 12, 2011

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One year ago today, Vaden and Emerson Oram of Glovertown found themselves in the middle of hell on earth. They were in Haiti on a business trip. And they were at the epicentre of the earthquake that caused so much damage in Port au Prince and other cities.
The Metrobus strike in St. John's and Mount Pearl drags on and on, with no end in sight. People who normally take the bus are struggling to get around. People with mental health problems are finding it especially difficult.  Lisa Green is a Peer Support Specialist with the St. John's office of Channal - the self-help group for people with mental illness. She joins me on the line from her office in St. John's.
Coming up on Crosstalk, we're asking if you think climate change is real with geographers Trevor Bell and Joel Finnis. I can't say if the warm weather so far this winter is part of climate change--I'll leave that for scientists to decide. But what is for sure is that the warm weather is having a big impact on the wildlife within Gros Morne National Park. Darroch Whittaker is an ecologist with Parks Canada. And joins me on the line to talk about those changes.

Today on the show:  climate change. Do you think it's real, that it's happening as we speak?  Yes, December was the warmest month ever on record here, beating all other weather records since the 1870's. But an unusual winter this year could be considered a weather blip, and not necessarily a sign of climate change. My guests are both geographers at Memorial University. Joel Finnis is working to quantify what climate change means for NL.
And Trevor Bell has been looking at both the impact of climate change, and how we'll need to adapt to it.