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Radio Noon - January 11, 2011

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Brad Cabana's PC leadership application

Will there be a leadership race for the provincial Progressive Conservatives ... or not? There are questions about the legitimacy of Brad Cabana's leadership application: does he have the signatures required under the party's constitution. The party's credentials committee is reviewing those signatures. But there are indications there's a big difference of opinion when it comes to interpreting the rules for those signatures. David Cochrane is the CBC's political affairs reporter, he joins Ramona in studio.


Moose class-action lawsuit

St. John's lawyer Ches Crosbie says the provincial government should be held accountable for the terrible crashes on our highways involving moose. Crosbie is trying to get a class-action lawsuit certified. He says collisions with moose are an act of government, not an act of God.  Mount Pearl city councillor Lucy Stoyles' agrees with Crobsie. She spoke this morning about the impact a moose vehicle accident had on her family.


Autism study

A 1998 study that concluded there's a connection between children's vaccines and autism has been thoroughly debunked. The finding were originally published in the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet. But the journal later retracted the study. And now British journalist Brian Deer calls it a fraud. Despite that, parents still agonize over whether their children should be vaccinated. Trish Williams is executive director of the Autism Society.


Archive feature with Christine Davies

Today Christine has an interview about "wind watching" in the Wreckhouse area.


CROSSTALK: Do the arts get enough support in Newfoundland & Labrador?

How well the arts are funded in Newfoundland & Labrador? The provincial government has significantly increased its funding over the past several years. Artists have applauded those changes but my guests today say there's still a long way to go when it comes to money for the arts. In studio are: Greg Malone well-know for his Wonderful Grand Band and Codco days; and actor/comedian Amy House. She heads the Resource Centre for the Arts in St. John's.