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Radio Noon - January 10, 2011

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Brad Cabana runs for the PC leadership

Premier Kathy Dunderdale isn't going to be acclaimed the leader of the provincial Conservatives after all. Brad Cabana is contesting the Tory leadership.
He made the announcement late this morning. Cabana lives on Random Island and runs a paint and decorating company. He also writes a blog called Rock Solid Politics. He spoke with the CBC's David Cochrane this morning outside PC Party Headquarters in St. John's.


Burglars steal safe at post office for the second time in 6-months

Thieves in Brownsdale, Trinity Bay area have hit the post office, again. For the second time in 6-months, burglars stole the safe.  The most recent case was Saturday morning. No one has been charged in either instance. And that has residents concerned. Marlene Clarke worked at that post office for years. These days she's the local service district representative for Brownsdale.


A Metrobus user weighs in on the prolonged strike.

The Metrobus strike is more than 2-months old, and a new set of talks broke off on the weekend. St. John's Mayor Dennis O'Keefe says riders should expect reduced service when the strike finally ends. The mayor says ridership will go down because of the length of time the buses have been off the road. And he says the city can't afford to have empty buses driving around. It puts ten million a year into the service and subsidizes 50 % of the cost of the rides. Meaghan Barnhill is a Metrobus user.



Today on the show, financial advice on planning for retirement. Maybe you've already retired, and you've got some advice for those who are still working on their plans. Or maybe you're trying to figure out what age you'll be able to retire, but you're finding it a confusing business. For one thing, there are new changes to the Canada Pension Plan. Here to help you wade through some of the information, Larry Short. He's a Senior Investment Adviser with Dundee Securities here in St. John's.