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Radio Noon - January 7, 2011

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Voisey's Bay Industrial Inquiry Report

The first part of a report into the strike by Vale workers in Voisey's Bay is out. It concludes there's no real reason why the impasse continues on. The strike started 18 months ago. The provincial government set up an industrial inquiry headed by John Royle to investigate why the labour dispute has been dragging on. CBC Reporter Lee Pitts has been reading the recommendations, and he joins Ramona in studio.


Using GPS services to reduce family violence

Some countries are using GPS devices to reduce cases of family violence. In cases where the court has ordered a restraining order against a person who has assaulted a member of their own family. The victims of violence carry GPS devices. The offender has to wear one, too. If the person with the history of violence gets too close to the victim, they get a cell phone call warning them the offender is near. Linda Ross with the Advisory Council on the Status of Women speaks with Ramona.


Hunting Caribou from a vehicle on a roadway in Labrador

There's illegal hunting happening in a closed caribou zone in Labrador. And the fear is that some of them are from the endangered Red Wine herd. Hunters are shooting the animals on the road between Labrador West and Happy Valley - Goose Bay. The province has officers monitoring the situation, but no charges have been laid. Naomi Adey says the hunters aren't just a threat to caribou, they're putting people's lives in danger. On Sunday, she drove from Happy Valley-Goose Bay to Labrador West with her daugther and three grandchildren. And that's when she encountered some of the hunters. Naomi Adey speaks with Cindy Wall of A Labrador Morning.