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Radio Noon - January 6, 2011

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Sea Buckthorn

Not long ago, Sea Buckthorn - a shrub with orange berries and powerful health benefits - was touted as an agricultural wonder for our province. The plan was to grow lots of it in Newfoundland and Labrador but that hasn't happened, despite the growing popularity of the berries. The Globe and Mail has them as one of its top ten food trends for the coming year. Hilary Rodriguez was one of the first people to bring Sea Buckthorn shrubs to Newfoundland and Labrador. He's the President of Sedna Nutra, a company that processes Sea Buckthorn.


Young Organic Farmer

Not many young people decide to become farmers. But that's what Carla Taylor is doing. After spending some working at the Lien farm near Portugal Cove, Carla Taylor and her partner are working on setting up their own organic farm in Nova Scotia. Carla Taylor is in studio now.


CROSSTALK: Knitting with Shirl the Pearl

Today on Crosstalk: Knitting with the one and only Shirley Scott. She's a top notch knitter and designer and she has an enthusiasm that's hard to match. Call in to tell us why you love knitting. Share some stories about those times when your knitting projects didn't quite go according to plan: whether it's the scarf you started knitting someone for Christmas five years ago, or a sweater with usually long sleeves. Master knitter Shirley Scott is my guest.