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Radio Noon - January 5, 2011

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The dangers of Radon gas

Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking. But many people have never even heard of it. It's an odourless gas that occurs naturally in water, air and soil. It's radioactive. Although in low concentrations it's harmless. But it can build up in your home and cause serious health problems. Greg Noel is with Executive Director of the Newfoundland and Labrador Lung association.


Our Business Columnist Michael Hlinka

People approaching retirement age are trying to figure out the new Canada Pension Plan rules. Specifically, whether to take their benefit early or wait until it increases in value. Our Business Columnist Michael Hlinka is here with some advice on what you should do.


The Catholic Church in Sheaves Cove

It's almost four months since the community of Sheaves Cove on the Port au Port Peninsula lost its only church in a fire. Police are still investigating. In the meantime, the community is awaiting insurance money so it can rebuild. But there's still no news on when or even if the Roman Catholic Church wants to resurrect the building.
Travis Young is the chair of the local service district. He spoke with West Coast Morning Show host Bernice Hillier this morning.


CROSSTALK: What should you eat to maximize the benefits of your fitness routine?

Today on the show, how to boost your fitness routine through your diet. Whether you're looking to pack on extra muscle or you're wondering what foods are the best to eat before and after a workout. My guest on the program is Eastern Health dietician Holly Grant. She's with the Lifestyle Program at the Janeway. She's an expert in sport nutrition and has a diploma from the International Olympic Committee.