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A Large Year music selections

Many of you may have heard A Large Year on CBC Radio One on the morning of Monday, December 27, 2010. A Large Year was a national CBC Radio One morning show replacing your local morning morning show for that day. It was hosted by Radio Noon's Ramona Dearing. And in addition to lots of interviews, A Large Year featured some great music from Newfoundland and Labrador. Here is a list of that music now:


A LARGE YEAR theme music: The Jig is Up. Performed by The Plankerdown Band. Album: The Jig is Up

Nothing But a Song. Performed by Great Big Sea. Album: Safe Upon the Shore

Leaky Faucets. Performed by The Scruncheons. Album: Journey

Klezmer Wedding by Srul Irving Glick (excerpt). Performed by Nancy Dahn, violin; Kristina Szutor, piano; and Paul Bendzsa, Clarinet. Courtesy of Francesca Swann and CBC Radio's Musicraft.

Small Island. Performed by The Idlers. Album: Keep Out

Lisa's Jigs/Medley. Performed by Dwayne Cote and Duane Andrews. Album: Dwayne Cote and Duane Andrews

La Fille de la Mer. Performed by Mary Barry. Album: Chanson Irisees

Smeceno Horo. Performed by The Dardanelles. Album: Dardanelles

Leap Before You Look. Performed by Bill Rose. Album: Leap Before You Look

Church Mouse. Performed by Sherman Downey. Album: Honey for Bees

A LARGE YEAR theme music: The Jig is Up. Performed by The Plankerdown Band. Album: The Jig is Up