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Radio Noon - Wednesday December 22, 2010

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Hickman's Harbour storm surge

Rain and wind are still hammering most of the island. And in Hickman's Harbour on Random Island, there's a storm surge.  It's the second time in three months that the people of Hickman's Harbour are dealing with high water levels.  Hurricane Igor washed out roads and caused devastating damage in September.  And an 80 year old man from the nearby community of Brittania died when the road he was standing on washed out from under him. Chris Hansford owns several businesses in Hickman's Harbour, including the ambulance and school bus services.


Christmas eating strategies

It's the time of year when we seem to eat and drink more than we should, even with the best of intentions. Noshing on luxurious foods at Christmas parties can replace regular meals. And there's all that sweet stuff around, whether it's fancy cookies or cake or candy. You can tell yourself to stay away. But that's tough. Tara Antle is a nutritionist in St. John's. Her company is called Healthy Balance.

Crosstalk: Your Favourite Christmas traditions

What are your favourite Christmas traditions? Ramona's guests are Elke Dettmer, who's originally from Germany but lives in Pouch Cove, and her friend and neighbour Russell Langmead, who has lots of memories of Christmases in Pouch Cove when he was growing up in the nineteen forties.