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A Large Year music selections

Many of you may have heard A Large Year on CBC Radio One on the morning of Monday, December 27, 2010. A Large Year was a national CBC Radio One morning show replacing your local morning morning show for that day. It was hosted by Radio Noon's Ramona Dearing. And in addition to lots of interviews, A Large Year featured some great music from Newfoundland and Labrador. Here is a list of that music now:


A LARGE YEAR theme music: The Jig is Up. Performed by The Plankerdown Band. Album: The Jig is Up

Nothing But a Song. Performed by Great Big Sea. Album: Safe Upon the Shore

Leaky Faucets. Performed by The Scruncheons. Album: Journey

Klezmer Wedding by Srul Irving Glick (excerpt). Performed by Nancy Dahn, violin; Kristina Szutor, piano; and Paul Bendzsa, Clarinet. Courtesy of Francesca Swann and CBC Radio's Musicraft.

Small Island. Performed by The Idlers. Album: Keep Out

Lisa's Jigs/Medley. Performed by Dwayne Cote and Duane Andrews. Album: Dwayne Cote and Duane Andrews

La Fille de la Mer. Performed by Mary Barry. Album: Chanson Irisees

Smeceno Horo. Performed by The Dardanelles. Album: Dardanelles

Leap Before You Look. Performed by Bill Rose. Album: Leap Before You Look

Church Mouse. Performed by Sherman Downey. Album: Honey for Bees

A LARGE YEAR theme music: The Jig is Up. Performed by The Plankerdown Band. Album: The Jig is Up 


What's Coming Up on Radio Noon Crosstalk:

Tues Dec 28th, 2010

What's the best gift you've ever received?  Perhaps it was an object you lusted after for a long time.  Or maybe it was a helping hand when you really needed it.  Or an unexpected visit from someone far away.  In studio with guest host Roger Samson, Doug Bird of the Tickle Trunk Store in St. John's.   Phone in and share your stories!

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12:35 Nfld/12:05 Lab

Radio Noon - December 23, 2010

Marine Atlantic Update

It looks like Marine Atlantic ferries may be able to sail again very soon. The company says that weather permitting, it will attempt a sailing out of Port aux Basques at 3 o'clock this afternoon. Tara Laing is with media relations at Marine Atlantic.


International Karaoke

There are more than a thousand international students at Memorial University, and of course they come from all over the world.  They're here in St. John's to get a Canadian university degree while improving their English, and learning about life in Canada.  But they also like to have fun.  That's why the Graduate Student Union holds an International Student Karaoke Night every once in a while. The students put down their textbooks, pick up the microphone, and belt out tunes like rock stars.  CBC freelancer Ashwin Gupta was there and brings us this report.


Michael Hlinka: Austerity

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word of the year for 2010 is "austerity". Our business columnist Michael Hlinka says it's not just the word of the year - it's the word of the decade.