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Thursday May 23, 2013

Sealer's memorial - Larry Dohey The people working on the Sealers' Memorial in Elliston are in high gear, getting ready for the hundredth anniversary of the sealing disasters of 1914.   78 men from the SS Newfoundland died in a blizzard that March.  Their names will be engraved on a wall of black granite.  But up until just a few days ago, one of the names was still a mystery.  Larry Dohey is the man who solved the riddle of the missing name.  He's the manager of Collections and Projects at the Provincial Archives.  Larry joins host Ramona Dearing

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Canada Post - "junk mail"

A lot of people opt out of receiving "junk mail" with their Canada Post mail deliveries - but now the post office is updating that program. Notices have been sent to those households. And even though you still don't want those flyers and coupons, you may find yourself opting back in. Anick Losier is a spokesperson for Canada Post. She's on the line from Ottawa, and speaks with host Ramona Dearing.

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Crosstalk - Is cosmetic surgery the new normal? Dr. Ian Landells is a dermatologist who also does cosmetic procedures. He's the first person in Nfld and Lab to offer Botox treatments.  Also in studio today,  Natalie Beausoleil is an Associate Professor of Social Science and Health at Memorial University.  She's done a lot of research on women's body images.

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