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Friday April 12, 2013

Combined council controversy  It was supposed to be a routine gathering of municipal leaders in Labrador. The meeting of the Combined Councils of Labrador has turned into a political firestorm. Both Labrador Affairs minister Nick McGrath and provincial NDP leader Lorraine Michael were scheduled to take part in a panel discussion, but the acting president of the Combined Councils says officials at Nick McGrath's office told him to keep Lorraine Michael off that panel. Nath Moores also said he was told that if Michael speaks at all during the meeting, those offiicials would go to the premier. Moores told CBC he perceives it to be a threat to the combined councils funding. In this piece, Nick McGrath's side of the story. But first, a snippet of what NDP leader Lorraine Michael had to say to Tony Dawson of a Labrador Morning.

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