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Thursday Apirl 11, 2013

Reaction to environment and convservation cuts Wednesday's Crosstalk phone-in posed the quesiton: Are you concerened about cuts to the Department of Environment and Conservation? Minister Tom Hedderson explained the reductions on our show, and we had a huge response from our listeners. Ramona Dearing and Christine Davies highlight some of your reactions.

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Crosstalk - Do you have questions about fracking? Graham Oliver is the spokesperson for the Port au Port - Bay St. George Fracking Awareness Group. He joins us from Kippens today. Also joining us, the man who appeared before the Greater Corner Brook Board of Trade on Wednesday: David Murray. He's the president and CEO of the Black Spruce Exploration Corporation. David Murray's company is in partnership with Shoal Point Energy as the operator of exploration wells. Black Spruce and Shoal Point want to start fracking in three spots on the West Coast of Nfld: near Sallys Cove, near Lark Harbour, and on the Port au Port Peninsula.

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